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Combining elegance and functionality, the Aurora is a perfect fit for lighted walkways in all architectural settings...

LED light bulb

Lasts for 60,000 hours or seven years
Draws 5 watts of power,120 volts
200 lights on the same circuit
Can be used in any household light fixture

Socket and wiring

UL certified
Relief from water and moisture with drainage technology
Can be hard wired or wired through the 12” leadsWiring fed through a conduit inside a hollow steel bollard


Made of ¼” polyethylene thermoplastic
Comes in multiple colors

  • Black
  • Dark Granite
  • Light Granite
  • Architectural Brown
  • Grey
  • Custom colors available

Comes in 3 different heights: 28" 45" 52"
Fits a 6” diameter pipe


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